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White-Collar Crime Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words Crime - Assignment ExampleThe aim of counterfeiting encompasses making profit unfairly off another company’s good reputation. White-collar crimes are not depended upon the application of threat of physical force or violence but involve deception, manipulation, subterfuge, concealment or violation of trust while the other crimes involve threatening the life of an individual directly or causing violence.According to my opinion, white-collar crimes should have face severe punishments than other types of crimes. This is because the result of white-collar crime is increased economic hardship for the normal citizen and consumer. Economic hardship in this case refers to both exploitation and even interferes with a certain state’s currency. Hence, increased cost passes onto the ordinary citizen or consumer in terms of hiked prices and decreased quality of services, for instance, software corporations. Imitating a certain company’s original software or goods, which it produces by these fraudsters mainly tarnishes long earned reputation. This is because consumer may start rating that firms very based on fake components in the market, which criminals have sold out to

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